Video Shows iPhone 6 To Be As Thin As iPod touch 5th Gen

From what we’ve managed to glean so far, the next-gen iPhone will be both larger and thinner than the current iPhone 5s, offering a substantially increased 4.7-inch display that goes edge-to-edge. But how much slimmer will the next model be than the current flagship? Well, according to a case of the so-called iPhone 6 which surfaced last week, it will be around the same depth as the latest iPod touch, which, if you’ve held the device alongside an iPhone 5s, is quite a significant drop.

It’s important to bear in mind that, at this moment in time, more leaks pointing toward the same form factor and general specification doesn’t necessarily give any legitimacy to the claims flying around. After all, when hard evidence is a scarce commodity, the same tidbits are often recycled in an attempt to paint a picture of something that may well be completely off the trail. So while most of these case leaks suggest the slim, curved form factor, repositioned power button and altered volume buttons, it’s still very possible that none of the above is correct.

iPhone 6 new logo

It’s encouraging to learn that the iPhone 6 may be as thin as the most recent iPod touch, though, and while the fruit company has established a reputation for making its iOS devices thinner and lighter with each new release (barring the iPad 3), you feel that anything close to the svelte build of the iPod touch would see Apple surpass itself.

Given that we’re also anticipating a rounded finish – particularly to the rear shell – the iPod touch mightn’t be the worst guideline for those seeking a real-life feel for what’s next. Sure, it’s smaller, and its display is nowhere near as grandiose as the 4.7-inch, possibly-1080p panel that many suppose the iPhone 6 will ship with, but as seen in the video below courtesy of UnboxTherapy, it does, to a degree, partially fit into the upcoming handset’s casing, which gives us concrete proof regarding the design change.

The iPhone 6 is expected to arrive in September, with a larger, phablet model boasting a 5.5-inch display set to arrive later on in the year pending the resolution of reported battery issues.


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