Video: Jailbreak and Unlock for iPhone 3GS

Dev-Team has just posted a brief teaser video which demonstrates a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 3GS running on firmware 3.0. Do not update/restore to firmware 3.1 now if you really want to unlock your iPhone 3GS with the upcoming tools as shown in the video.

Here’s a brief video demonstration by @planetbeing of the iPhone Dev Team’s ultrasn0w unlock for the new iPhone 3G S. Special thanks to @Oranav for the at+xlog crash — a gift to the community that has kept on giving!

Our ultrasn0w program uses the at+xlog crash as an injection vector of our unlocking payload — and it does so on the 3GS in exactly the same way as on the 3G!  But this injection vector will be lost if you update to 3.1 using the official Apple IPSW, which updates the baseband.  So stay away from official 3.1 IPSWs until we release the tools that let you update the firmware without updating the baseband.

iPhone 3GS Unlock Demonstration from planetbeing on Vimeo.

Check out this video tutorial to prepare your iPhone 3GS for the forthcoming jailbreak and unlock if you havent already. Hopefully we will see a release of all the real goodies soon instead of more teasing from the Dev-Team. 😉