tvOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak For Apple TV Might Be Possible, Hints LiberTV Developer

The developer behind the LiberTV jailbreak, Jonathan Levin, has today given Apple TV owners hope that tvOS 10.1.1 may be jailbreakable in the future after he took to Twitter to say as much. Saying that “maybe a #jailbreak for #TvOS 10.1.1 can be had, after all,” Levin left it at that.

Those who currently own the latest Apple TV can only jailbreak using LiberTV if they are running tvOS 9.1 to 10.1, and if this new claim by Levin is accurate, then the jailbreak fun may also stretch as far as Apple’s more recent software, although at the moment, we have yet to see anything concrete, like a demo of the jailbreak, nor have we seen a suggestion from Levin as to what kinds of timescales we are talking about here.

Of course, all of this is important right now because Apple released tvOS 10.2 this past Monday, meaning anyone who has been holding out hope for a new AppleTV jailbreak will need to refrain from updating their devices.

If tvOS 10.1.1 is indeed able to be jailbroken, then that is perhaps the best place to stay as far as updates are concerned. If jailbreaking is important to you, then we strongly suggest disabling the Apple TV’s automatic update feature – you d0n’t want to end up running tvOS 10.2 unwittingly, especially if Levin is right and a new jailbreak is on the horizon.

If you are still running a version of tvOS that can be jailbroken using Levin’s existing LiberTV jailbreak, then you may want to check out our guide on the process of jailbreaking a modern Apple TV running the most recent jailbreakable software.

The guide is well worth a read, even if jailbreaking is something you may not want to do immediately. You can read it here: How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4 On tvOS 10.1 Using LiberTV.

(Source: Jonathan Levin [Twitter])

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