Top Must-Have iPhone 5s Touch ID Tweaks You Should Try Right Now!

Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone, the iPhone 5s, has brought with it a host of new and exciting features. The A7 processor is backed up by 64-bit architecture, and with a dual-LED True Tone flash to accompany the improved rear-facing camera, the handset has been the subject of much acclaim. But aside from the gold model, which prompted an incredible response, the main talking point has been that mysterious Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Beefing up security, it has slotted into the iPhone repertoire rather nicely, but with the recent work of Evad3rs, what could the jailbreak community do with this new technology? Here, we survey some of the best Touch ID-related tweaks for the iPhone 5s.

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iPhone 5s bioprotect

This tweak, which we’ve featured before here at Redmond Pie, takes Touch ID’s locking feature to the next level. As opposed to just preventing a user from unlocking the device itself without a legit scan of the biometric sensor, BioProtect takes Touch ID to individual apps, allowing you to cherry-pick apps you wish to secure and issuing a pop-up prompt whenever anybody tries to open them up.

It’s also worth pointing out that the iAppLock tweak does much the same job.



Touch ID is the lazy man’s dream, because it negates the need for a password or passcode to be entered when accessing the home screen. iTouchSecure continues in this vein but on a system-wide level, allowing you to type various passwords in apps and Safari websites just the once, after which they are added to an OS X-like keychain. So the next time you need to enter these credentials, you simply place your finger on the biometric sensor; job done!

For $5 over at the BigBoss repo, it’s definitely worth checking out.


Unlock ID header

This tweak work’s in very much the same manner as iTouchSecure, except it also allows you to unlock your Mac using your iPhone’s Touch ID in addition to allowing you to authenticate into websites using Touch ID authentication.

It can be picked up right now from the ModMyi repository in Cydia.


BioLaunch iPhone 5s

This simple, yet useful tweak launches your favorite app when you place your fingerprint on the sensor. It uses its own system to identify the app you use the most, and will launch it when you decide you interact with Touch ID.

It costs $1, and can be picked up from the BigBoss repository.


Photo Jan 13, 7 34 54 PM

Touchy is one of our favorite Touch ID-based tweaks here at Redmond Pie, and with good reason.

Like the aforementioned BioLaunch, this tweak harnesses the power of Touch ID in order to launch apps. However, as opposed to limiting you to one favorite app, Touchy will launch a different app depending on which finger you use.

So you could, for example, have your index finger fire up Messages, assign the pinky finger for your browser, thumb for the Weather app, and so on. You can assign one app per fingerprint up to a limit of five, and all of the configuration happens from within the settings panel.

A truly marvelous tweak.


AppScan iPhone 5s

Like BioProtect and iAppLock, AppScan can protect individual apps by adding Touch ID-based authentication. The advantage of using AppScan over the competition is that it is free, but it must be noted that the security features offered by AppScan are merely superficial.

The main drawback from using this free tweak is that apps can still be accessed via notifications on the lock screen, Siri or multitasking, so while it may work as a deterrent, you may wish to check the alternatives for a more solid performer.


BioLockdown for iPhone 5s

BioLockdown comes from Ryan Petrich who is a famed jailbreak dev and has churned out quality tweaks in the past. BioLockdown works mostly like BioProtect in that it lets you lock and unlock apps, settings and Control Center toggles which are only accessible when the correct fingerprint is authenticated using the Touch ID sensor.

For $1.99 over at the BigBoss repo, it is well worth picking up if you’re looking to further beef up security on your iPhone.


Applocker iPhone 5s

Applocker, as you might imagine, works similarly to several other tweaks we’ve mentioned in that it allows you to lock down certain apps using Touch ID.

However, Applocker’s trump card is that it also offers folder support, meaning you can keep entire folders securely hidden away from prying eyes, under the safeguard of Touch ID’s biometric sensing technology.

Virtual Home

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Last, but by no means least, Virtual Home.

This tweak does as it purports in turning your Touch ID sensor into a virtual Home button, meaning you can tap the sensor rather than having to press the physical button down to yield the same result.

So, for example, if you’re in-app and wish to jump out, all you’ll need to do is tap Touch ID so it can read your prints, and you will be returned to the home screen. It’s that simple.

So, there you have it – our definitive list of Touch ID-based tweaks. All of the aforementioned work fairly well, and will help you make the most out of the iPhone 5s’s fingerprint sensor.

Please, however, proceed with caution, and don’t try to install many of these tweaks in one hit. As you can imagine, there are some conflicts present due to the fact that they all focus on one aspect of iOS, so be sure to pick your favorite and stick with it.

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