Applocker For iOS 7 Update Lets You Lock / Unlock Apps & Folders Using iPhone 5s Touch ID

Jailbreaking. We love it, if only because it allows us access to features that Apple, for one reason or another, has refused to give us. At first it was being able to have Notification Center on the lock screen before iOS 7 brought it to the masses. We also had jailbreak tweaks that let us launch the Camera app from the lock screen before it appeared in an official release of iOS. Now, we’ve got another feature that Apple hasn’t brought to iOS, and it’s great.

Applocker isn’t a new app as such. It’s been around for a couple of years in various forms, and it does exactly what that name suggests. Once installed, Applocker lets users effectively lock access to apps on an app-by-app basis, with a password needing to be input each time an app’s icon is pressed. Input the wrong password and your app isn’t launched. Input the right one, and you’re good to go.

That’s cool enough in itself, and great if you want to lock your Phone app so that your kids can’t go dialing your boss when they’re meant to be playing Angry Birds. But this is 2014, and there are better ways than having to enter a password each and every time you want to launch an app, and the developer behind Applocker knows it.

Applocker iPhone 5s

That’s why a new release of Applocker has been pushed to Cydia that adds one new, exciting feature – the ability to unlock access to apps and folders using the power of Touch ID.

That’s right folks, with the new version of Applocker, users with an iPhone 5s will be able to unlock their apps and folders using their Touch ID-registered fingerprints rather than having to enter a password. If it sounds awesome, just wait until you’ve tested it yourself on your shiny new iPhone 5s.

Although we just witnessed a similar tweak released a while ago, named BioProtect for iPhone 5s, which does the same chore on one feature end – unlocking apps using Touch ID – but comes at a price of $2.99. The new version of Applocker costs just $0.99, and is a free download for those who have the tweak already purchased. And if you’re asking us, it’s a pretty sweet deal!

Applocker 1

The primary difference between Applocker and BioProtect mainly lies in the user-facing aesthetics, nothing more. BioProtect looks more refined and has a more catchy UI when compared to Applocker, but we’ll leave this judgment completely for you guys, still.

As we mentioned before, the tweak comes at a price of $0.99 for new users, and is available as a free download from the ModMyi repo for those who have already purchased it. You should be rocking an iPhone 5s to take advantage of the tweak’s Touch ID features, of course.

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