Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Update To iOS 8.1.2 Right Now

Apple rolled out iOS 8.1.2 download earlier on this week, and if you’re running a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it’s advisable that you update. Here, we outline five reasons as to why running the latest firmware might be a good idea.

Top Reasons iOS 812 main

Ringtone Issue Has Been Resolved

Users purchasing ringtones from the iTunes Store were finding that, with iOS 8.1.1 and earlier, they were disappearing from their devices for no apparent reason. But as noted in the official changelog for iOS 8.1.2, this has now been fixed, so if you’ve downloaded additional ringtones, you’ll now actually be able to use them.

Apple Has Made Several Other Bug Fixes

As with every software update, Apple mentions bug fixes in the release notes for iOS 8.1.2. They’re probably not critical flaws, otherwise they’d probably have been outlined as with the ringtone issue, but nonetheless, bug fixes are bug fixes.

Performance Benefits

With every update, Apple looks to improve performance across the iOS device range, and while, once again, we’re not going to be talking major leaps on an x.x.1 update, it’s still better to reap the benefits of improved performance. And besides, if you’re coming from an older version of iOS, iOS 8.0.x for example, then the performance bits are fairly noticeable.

You Can Jailbreak iOS 8.1.2

It’s not unheard of, but it’s also not often that Apple releases an update to its iOS software while seemingly ignoring an untethered jailbreak. But this is exactly what has happened with iOS 8.1.2, which can still be jailbroken via the TaiG team’s exploits, and thanks to a swift version bump, TaiG is primed and ready to jailbreak those devices on iOS 8.1.2.

For details on how to jailbreak, check out:

It’s Always Good To Be On The Latest Version

Ideally, you always want to be running the most recent version of any piece of software, and given the aforementioned bug fixes and the lack of any hindrance to the jailbreaking potential of your device, downloading and updating to iOS 8.1.2 will ensure that you’re also able to enjoy the smoothest experience on offer.


So, there’s your list of reasons to update. Obviously, it’s completely up to you at the end of the day, but with bug fixes and what’s been described as the most transparent jailbreak ever released waiting for you on the other side of that iOS 8.1.2 download, there’s a strong case for taking the plunge in this instance.

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