Toolbox For Windows 8 Is The Ultimate Kit For All Your Productivity Needs, Perfect For Multitasking

Our computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones are like mystical libraries of endless possibility, enabling us to carry out almost any task with ease. Despite offering a wealth of information and communication, we often call upon our personal gadgets and machines for the simplest of queries. Whether it be a calculator to perform a basic sum, a clock to tell  us what time it is, or a weather update to plan a perfect picnic, we get much of this information from those aforementioned entities.

Recognizing this, developer Vectorform has released a handy toolbox app for Windows 8. In-keeping with the beautiful tiled interface, it offers pretty much any information one could require at a glance. From time, weather, and social to stocks, currency converters and calculators, the toolbox has it all.


It’s fully customizable, meaning you can alter the positioning of any tool within the app, and you can also chop and change which tools you want with ease.

Windows 8 has, in terms of early adoption, sat favorably with consumers, although I would say that many I have spoken with seem to find the tiled interface to be of little use on a desktop. While I can understand that, day-to-day, the tiles probably aren’t that essential, Microsoft has done the right thing in introducing them to the fold.


If the company is to gain any traction with the Surface tablet, consumers will need to be familiar with how it looks and operates. The market is moving towards touch-based systems as a general rule, and although there has been quite the resistance hitherto, I can’t see the direction of progression diverting anytime soon.


So, if you’re a new Windows 8 user and want to gave the basic tools at your convenience, then download the Toolbox for Windows 8 from the link provided just below.

We have tested it on one of our Windows 8 machines, and can confirm that it works as advertised, so if you’re always looking for this menial information, you can’t really go wrong with the toolbox. In addition, it’s absolutely free of charge, so the only thing you have to lose from giving it a go, is the time it takes to download.

(Source: Toolbox for Windows 8 on Windows Store)

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