This Pokemon Go Tracker Widget For iOS Helps You Pinpoint Critters

Pokemon Go, as we keep saying, is huge right now. If we’re absolutely honest, some of us expected Pokemon Go to have fallen off the radar a little by this point, but it shows no sign of going away any time soon.

That’s a good thing, of course, especially if you’re still highly invested in the game for whatever reason. It’s also a good thing if you’re one of the many, many people that have created apps and services that make playing Pokemon Go easier, more enjoyable, or both – apps like this Go Tracker, for example.


Available to download for iOS from the App Store for free, Go Tracker is a widget that does one thing and one thing only. That thing is to allow users to place circles down on a map – up to three, but no more – in order to attempt to triangulate where a particular Pokemon is. If you’re struggling pinpointing where a Pokemon is, then this Pokemon Tracker might just be able to give you that helping hand. The best part? Since it’s a widget, you can access it right in the game without having to leave the app by pulling down the Notification Center.

As explained by the app’s description on the App Store: “The Today widget contains a static map which is centered at your current location. You can place circles at the border of your target’s radius to narrow down its actual location. The area where the circles overlap will contain your target.”

The developers of Go Tracker are quick to point out that it does not use any of Niantic’s APIs, but simply requests mapping data from Google based on your current location. Given the fact the widget never needs any actual game data, we see no reason to doubt that this is the case, either. That’s important too, because with Niantic happily banning players left and right, staying on that particular developer’s good side isn’t the worst idea in the world!

Go Tracker can be downloaded for free from the App Store, now.


(Download: Go Tracker – Trilateration on the App Store)

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