This Perfume Is Based On The Scent Of Brand New Apple Products

Everybody loves the smell of new things. Whether its the smell of a brand new item of clothing or that of a freshly-unboxed iPhone, something draws us to that unmistakable waft.

Then again, it’s possibly to do with the affection we have towards the product than the smell itself. When a MacBook, iPad, or iPhone is carefully displaced from Apple’s meticulously-arranged packaging, we like the scent because it’s a brand new, geek-tastic item.

We live in a fairly crazy world, though, and a trio of Aussies have teamed up with Air Aroma to take that smell, encase it, and use it as a fragrance. Just when you thought you may have seen and heard it all, well, you haven’t, and Melbourne-based artists Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer, and Simon McGlinn reckon their fragrance smells just like a MacBook Pro opened for the first time.


In order to achieve the perfect blend, a brand new unopened MacBook Pro was sent to the Air Aroma fragrance lab in France. Then, professional perfume makers extracted scents discovered while the unit was being unboxed in order to create samples.

Once complete, the device was sent back to Australia, completing an all-round 50,000 kilometer trip, along with the MacBook Pro scent sample. The three artists require the fragrance for one of their art shows in Melbourne, where it will be sprayed around the venue using Air Aroma’s Aroslim diffuser.

Unfortunately for those of you hoping to buy some of this stuff, it doesn’t appear to be hitting stores in the near future. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting concept, and one has to wonder whether smelling the spray would conjure up the same amount of excitement and happiness as opening the product.

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In terms of mass market, this would surely be a novelty item for the most ardent of geeks, rather than something general consumers would take to.

Would you want to be reminded of that unboxing smell without being able to enjoy a brand-new product thereafter, or would the process be just too torturous? Is it that wonderful if there’s no MacBook, iPad or iPhone at the end? Please share your thoughts with us via the usual mediums below – we’d love to hear what you guys make of all this!

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