This Jailbreak Tweak Allows You To Set Your Photos As A Slideshow On Your iPhone’s Homescreen

I am sure many of you on iOS have a photo album crammed with snapshots, wallpapers and the like, and if you’re like me, you’ll be constantly tinkering with which one to opt for as your homescreen background. MultiWall, a Cydia package, enables you to select images and use them as a slideshow for your background.


The tweak does look promising, although as you can see from the video embedded below, is not as smooth as perhaps you would expect. But then again, it is still just in beta phase, so hopefully the bugs will be ironed out upon release. And the most interesting bit about the tweak is; that you can perform different gestures to transit through different images, as described by the uploader of the video on YouTube:

This app Supports two Finger Gestures.
Two Finger Swipe to the left will show the Previous photo.
Two Finger Swipe to the Right will show the Next photo.

While not essential, it is certainly a fun tweak – especially if you feel an incessant need to keep tampering with the look of iOS. It is seemingly unlikely that Apple will include such modification options in the upcoming iOS 5, since they’re not essential. That said, it’s not as if Jobs and Co. haven’t come through with a surprise or two in the past, so we shall wait and see.

It would be much obliged if there were some decent options to change how the GUI looks. Some of the main jailbreak tweaks are based around the fact that Apple just doesn’t allow anything to be changed beyond the wallpaper. If iOS 5 came pre-loaded with a couple of themes, it would certainly dissuade some from jailbreaking and having to persevere with the often-laggy and sometimes insufferably-slow Winterboard, as well as the likes of Springtomize and Dreamboard. Most phones on the market let you change the color schemes and offer a healthy – if not extensive – catalogue of themes, so it’s not exactly a new thing.

It is no great myth that Apple never has, nor will like the idea of jailbreaking (despite poaching developers). It’s getting harder and harder for the likes of Comex to come up with the untethered jailbreaks of late due to Apple’s more considered approach on tightening security. The iPad 2 took months to conquer, and with new iPhone(s) on the horizon, it could be a long time before iOS 5 is breached to the degree that we’ve come to expect. One suspects that many will opt to stay on iOS 4 for the foreseeable future in order to maximize usability and enjoy the likes of MultiWall for as long as possible.

MultiWall will be available fairly soon, so stay tuned here at Redmond Pie and we will let you know when the tweak does eventually drop.

(thanks @thememyi for the hat tip via Twitter!)

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