This iPhone Controlled Gizmo Turns Water Into Wine!

Turning water into wine is the kind of stuff that miracles are made of, but now, there’s a machine that enables you to do exactly that. And as if that wasn’t cool enough, the Miracle Machine is also controlled by an app for iPhone, providing what is, without doubt, the most awesome way to create and ferment your own wine.

Using a concoction of grape juice and yeast, the Miracle Machine only needs a dash of water and one or two other ingredients in order to begin working its magic. Within, an Arduino controller monitors the situation as the water begins to morph into wine – aerating the fermentation while watching the temperature.

Miracle Machine

Unfortunately, while owning the Miracle Machine would certainly enhance your geek-cred, you won’t be doing a great deal of wine-tasting. As any wine aficionado will be more than aware, wine fermentation is not an instantaneous process – it takes many weeks – and thus, while we love the idea behind the Miracle Machine, it’s not exactly the best way to get a swift glass of the good stuff.

At $500, it’s also quite pricey, but while you could buy hundreds of bottles of pretty decent wine for that price, it’s the experience of making it that gives the Miracle Machine its appeal. If you enjoy making your own wine anyway, then the idea of using an iPhone app as part of the experience definitely adds a bit of an edge, although one could argue that an art-form like the fermenting of wine has no business being dragged into the Digital Age like this. The “there’s an app for that” culture has, for better and for worse, become a staple part of modern society, and there’s a lingering feeling that, in this case, it may have gone a step too far.

Miracle Machine app

But on the flip-side, the fact that the app is completely noob-proof and explains which ingredients need to be added depending on which wine you’re looking to ferment, means that those wanting to create their own flavors can do so in an easy, convenient, albeit time-consuming manner.

If you’re interested, you can grab more details by heading over to:

Wine specialists – what do you think? Does the idea of using an iPhone to monitor the home-brew take some of the magic away from the process? Do share your comments below!

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