This iPhone App Can Do Your Math Homework For You

An iPhone app dubbed ‘Socratic’ can do your math homework for you. Here are the details on this iOS app for all iPhone users out there.

Doing mathematics homework is never a fun experience, unless you happen to be one of those very unique people who actually enjoy it, in which case you can probably skip this for now. If you are part of the vast majority of the planet’s population then you may will be very interested in what an iPhone app going by the name of Socratic has to offer, because it not only gives you the answers to mathematics questions but importantly also shows you how to get to the answer, too.


If there is one thing I remember about my days at school, it’s mathematics lessons, and how liberating it is when you finally manage to get your head around figuring an equitation out, because once you know the method behind the madness, you can work anything out. And that’s when mathematics turns into magic.

It’s also where Socratic comes into its own, because once you’ve taken a photo of a problem, or have input it manually if you’d prefer, then the app will not only go away and provide the answer, but also display its workings step-by-step, allowing you to follow along and hopefully learn a little bit in the process. And that, surely, is what it’s all about.

Socratic works with other subjects too, and not just mathematics. Fans of science, for example, can also use the app to answer questions on just about anything. When questions are made of words rather than sums then a simple Google search may provide the same, if not better answers but there’s something to be said for letting Socratic see the question and then go off and do the hard work.


This is what computers were made for; making our lives better and our brains smarter. Socratic is free, too, so there’s no reason not to give it a try the next time you’re working something out or answering some questions outside of the classroom. Who knows, you might just learn something in the process!

You can download the app for free from the App Store.

(Download: Socratic for iPhone from the App Store)

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