This Fashionable Bracelet Doubles Up As A Portable Charger For Your Smartphone [Video]

As mobile device owners, we’ve all been stuck in that annoying situation by which our need to play games, send emails and use apps outweighs the device’s battery capacity. We write checks that our overworked smartphones and tablets simply cannot cash, and as a result, the peripheral market makes a pretty penny from developing new, convenient ways to boost the retention. From simple charging cases to full-on battery packs, there are plenty of solutions available, but while many forgo appearance in favor of practicality, this neat new wrist-worn charger serves as an inconspicuous accessory when not in use.

The line between technology and fashion is as blurred as it has ever been, with many consumers placing appearance high up on the criteria for new purchases. But by the same token, many of us are wooed by specs and fanciful features when actually, we ought to be checking the reviews on how well said device remains fired-up, and as such, we’re left with nice-looking gadgets that can only muster a few hours at a time.


But staying in vogue shouldn’t resign you to wall-hugging, and with wrist-based tech coming along in strides, one start-up has come up with a very nice-looking bracelet that actually doubles up as a charger. As noted by Q Designs, the team behind the QBracelet, battery life can be boosted by up to 60 percent, and given that it caters to Lightning and microUSB, it’ll have you covered irrespective of whether you device is running Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, or any other recent gadget for that matter.


Comprised of metal – a material synonymous with premium hardware, it would seem these days – the appropriate connector is concealed beneath the clasp. So when your device begins to die out, you can simply take the QBracelet off, slot it into your device’s charging port, and from there, regain some of that power.



At a cost of $99, it looks a snip, and given that pre-orderers can enjoy a $20 discount, seems a must-buy for those regularly caught short when out and about.

For more information and to secure yourself a unit, point your browser in the direction of the Q Designs website, which can be found at:

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