This Beautiful iPhone Concept Features A Transparent LCD Display, Laser Keyboard And More [VIDEO]

We get through many impressive iPhone concepts here at Redmond Pie, and the most recent has already gained a significant amount of views on viral video hunt YouTube. Elegant and perfectly polished, it offers essentially everything one could require from a smartphone, and although it’s most certainly not real, it makes the preexisting iPhone range look comparatively bland.

It offers a similar form factor to the iPhone 4S, although the screen looks a little wider, appearing to offer a generous amount of real estate. Its clinching feature, however, is not in the size of the display, but the fact that it’s indeed see-through, which gives it that air of finesse we’ve yet to really see in any smartphone.

iPhone 5 iClear Concept

The clip itself is relatively short, demonstrating general usage and Siri before saving the best till last by concluding with a little sample of how Instagram would run on the device. Of all the concepts I’ve stumbled across and blogged about here at Redmond Pie, I’d probably have to say this is the best, and although I often imagine what concepts would look like if they ever reached fruition, this is certainly one I would urge anybody with the nous and knowledge to step up to the plate and create.

As well as the beautiful translucent display, it incorporates a concept we’ve seen on a number of occasions by including a holographic keyboard, which projects onto any flat surface to offer a convenient, fully-fledged typing interface. Like all good concepts, the dreamed up list of technical specifications includes a quad-core A5 chip, which would theoretically offer immense power comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X.

iPhone 5 Laser Keyboard concept

Back on planet earth, it remains to be seen what we’ll actually be treated to with the next iPhone, and although Apple has already patented pico projection systems which can respond to virtual gestures in a vaguely Kinect-like fashion, we don’t suspect Apple will be implementing them anytime soon.

From a more realistic point of view, expect a longer screen, 4G LTE, and iOS 6, while hoping for an improved camera and further enhancements to the newest iteration of Apple’s mobile OS. See – not as exciting anymore, is it?

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