Third Attack Attempt On Sony PlayStation Network Thwarted [Report]

Remember when we told you how CNET had gotten hold of IRC logs that they claimed showed people planning to attack Sony’s servers once more? Now the website is claiming Sony actually managed to thwart the would-be hackers, and it’s all thanks to them.

CNET has learned that our publication of the group’s plan may have caused Sony to secure the remaining servers this group claims it had access to, shutting off any avenues for another attack.

CNET claims users of the same IRC channel have been saying that their attempts to attack Sony’s servers have failed, possibly due to a patch being implemented.

"Apparently Sony saw that article because the last server that I could access is offline now…its probbaly (sic) being patched like the other servers. There goes our window."

Sony’s PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been offline for weeks now, thanks to multiple attacks from unknown hackers resulting in the theft of information belonging to millions of PSN users. A new attack also took down Sony Online Entertainment which is responsible for MMO servers.

While we’re not sure whether CNET was actually responsible for Sony’s win this time around, we’re glad to see their security did at least stand up to one attack without keeling over!

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