These Parents Used Apple Watch To Share Their Newborn’s Heartbeat With Relatives [Video]

Like most consumer products, the recently released Apple Watch will only be deemed useful and extremely functional on an individual basis if each user chooses to adopt all of the powerful functionality contained within. There’s no denying that Apple’s most “personal product yet” ships with an advanced feature set that goes beyond what is already on the market, but it’s also accepted that a lot of those features may be considered to be nothing more than a marketing gimmick, such as the ability to share a heartbeat with another Apple Watch user. With that said, one proud set of parents have utilized that very same ability in a truly emotive manner that once agains shows how Apple products can invoke a connection that transcends being purely electronic.

Anyone who has experienced the birth of a baby, or who has had family or friends go through the process, will know that technology is utilized at every step of the way. After all, hospitals and birthing units sit at the pinnacle of the medical technological age. With that said, these first-time parents introduced their own piece of tech in the form of an Apple Watch Sport edition to not only capture the heartbeat of their new-born baby but to also share it with family members and loved ones who couldn’t be present.

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Our first child was born and we used an Apple Watch Sport to send his heartbeat to our distant family members it was a really awesome experience that we couldn’t have done without the Apple Watch.

The video itself shows the proud father using the Apple Watch Sport to make contact with the fragile arm of his new-born son in an effort to capture his heartbeat. A pulsing heart is then shown on the display of the Apple Watch as the precious little fella’s beating heart is picked up by the sensors mounted on the underside of the Apple Watch.

One thing that Apple continually prides itself on is having the ability to design and engineer products that make an impact on the lives of those who purchase and use them. It seems like this family will forever remember the power of Apple’s first timepiece.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think about it.

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