The Best iPhone Cases And Accessories For Gamers

When comparing the world of smartphone fans and gamers, we don’t think it is too much of a stretch to suggest that there is plenty of overlap between the two demographics. That means that there is a huge number of potential customers out there for anyone who wants to produce an accessory that caters for both crowds.

If you’re on the lookout for an iPhone case or accessory that also has a gaming angle to it, then you are absolutely not short of choices to consider.

Below you will find no fewer than ten different accessories that we think you are going to love. They range from the humble iPhone case to controllers that resemble the Nintendo NES controllers that some of us will remember from our misspent youth. No matter what you’re on the lookout for, we think you’ll be able to find something here. So with that said, let’s jump into it shall we?

5-In-1 Foldable Gaming+Multipurpose iPhone Case ($19.95, down from $39.95)

A multi-functional iPhone case if ever there was one. This can be used as a kickstand or an in-car holder thanks to its built-in iron plate and is super rugged to protect its contents, too. Oh, and there are slide-out legs to give you something to hold on to during gaming sessions, too.

Buy: 5-In-1 Foldable Gaming+Multipurpose iPhone Case: $19.95 | Original price: $40

Apple MFi-Certified Game Controller With Phone Clip For iPhone, Apple TV ($79.95, down from $109.95)

Not only can this controller be used with an Apple TV, giving gamers a way to better interact with games on the big screen, but it also has a detachable holder in which an iPhone can be placed, turning the whole thing into a handheld gaming console.

Oh and it’s Apple MFi-certified as well, which means it’s compatible for use with millions of games from App Store.

Buy: Apple MFi-Certified Game Controller With Phone Clip For iPhone, Apple TV: $79.95 | Original price: $110

iPhone Gaming Grip Controller + L1/R1 Triggers For PUBG, Fortnite ($24.95, down from $34.95)

Both Fortnite and PUBG Mobile are all the rage right now, and gamers will be looking for every advantage they can get. With this controller they will have access to shoulder buttons of sorts, perfect for controlling games that would benefit from off-screen control for aiming and firing.

Buy: iPhone Gaming Grip Controller + L1/R1 Triggers For PUBG, Fortnite: $24.95 | Original price: $35

Interactive Labyrinth Maze Case For iPhone ($14.95, down from $24.95)

Bringing gaming and iPhone cases together, this case – available for the iPhone 6 and upwards in multiple colors – has an interactive maze around the back which is perfect for playing when stood in line.

Buy: Interactive Labyrinth Maze Case For iPhone: $14.95 | Original price: $25

3-In-1 Foldable Gaming Case For iPhone With Kickstand ($19.95, down from $39.95)

Imagine a Swiss Army knife and you will not be too far off how this thing looks. If you can get over that, you have an iPhone case that can fold out to give you a handy dandy kickstand when you need it. Magic!

Buy: 3-In-1 Foldable Gaming Case For iPhone With Kickstand: $19.95 | Original price: $40

Universal Gaming Grip Controller With Heat Sink ($29.95, down from $44.95)

Playing the latest high-end iPhone games can make that little smartphone super toasty, and nobody wants that. This case will give you a way to hold your iPhone in a more comfortable manner while also having a heatsink around the back that should stop your device from getting too hot during big gaming sessions. There’s a built-in battery to charge your iPhone on the go as well!

Buy: Universal Gaming Grip Controller With Heat Sink: $29.95 | Original price: $45

Mobile Gaming Stretchable Grip Controller With Joystick ($28.95, down from $44.95)

If you’ve ever seen anyone operate a decent drone you will also likely have seen the controller that they use. Their iPhone probably slipped into it, making the whole thing a sort of sleep looking handheld controller with integrated screen. This controller does the same thing but for gaming and even has some thumbsticks that can be positioned over the screen, perfect for on-screen controls.

Buy: Mobile Gaming Stretchable Grip Controller With Joystick: $28.95 | Original price: $44.95

Mobile Gaming Grip Controller With Joysticks For iPhone, iPad ($24.95, down from $39.95) 

This snap-on controller for your smartphone comes complete with joysticks which cover on-screen controls for most games. Perfect for those PUBG Mobile gaming sessions.

Buy: Mobile Gaming Grip Controller With Joysticks For iPhone, iPad: $24.95 | Original price: $40

Game Boy Tetris+Other Classic Games Case for iPhone ($29.95 with promo code GBIRP15OFF, down from $49.95) 

This case lets you not only protect your iPhone, but gives you access to the classic games on the back of the phone, including Tetris and many more.

Buy: Game Boy Tetris Case for iPhone: $29.95 with promo code | Original price: $50

8Bitdo NES-Like Bluetooth Controller ($39.95, down from $49.95)

You don’t have to be old to know that the Nintendo NES was one of, if not the best game consoles of its generation so being able to play iPhone games with a controller which closely resembles it is a dream come true.

Buy: 8Bitdo NES-Like Bluetooth Controller for iPhone: $39.95 | Original price: $50

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