Tesla’s Summon Feature Reunited A Model 3 With Its Owner In A Locked Garage

It’s probably happened to us more often than we’d like to admit, and it’s very easy to do. You park your car in the parking garage and then go about your business only to return and find that the garage is locked up for the night.

For most people that would mean finding alternative transport and picking your car up the next day. But if you own a Tesla, there might be another way.

That’s what one quick-thinking Model 3 owner proved when he was locked out of a parking garage when he returned to it after the 10pm closing time as reported by Electrek. But as he showed in videos posted to the social network X, he was able to use the Summon feature and have his Model 3 drive itself to the exit. When it arrived, the gates automatically opened so that he could gain access.

The Summon feature is part of the Full Self-Driving system that remains in beta and hasn’t quite reached the level that has been promised by Tesla and Elon Musk. But there’s no denying that this feature came to the driver’s aid here, getting them back into their car where they would otherwise have been left stranded.

If there’s one learning point for us all to take from this it’s probably that we should pay more attention to the closing time on parking garages — and if not, make sure you’re driving a Tesla when you forget.

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