Teslas Could Activate Climate Control If Someone Is Left Inside

Tesla vehicles could automatically enable climate control if they detect someone in the car in the future. That’s after CEO Elon Musk responded to a question asking for exactly that on Twitter.

The news came after one Tesla owner tweeted to musk that they had left someone in the car and the climate control turned off while they were in there.

As reported by NotATeslaApp, the owner said that the teenage occupant than had to wake the car to keep the climate system running.

I left my teenager and little in the car to go into the store. The car instantly shut off, and my oldest had to touch the screen to turn it back on. If an infant was left, the car would shut down. Can y’all do something to detect people in the car and keep temp on?

However, Musk replied to say that while it might have appeared like the climate control was off, it actually wasn’t. The car’s display looks like it’s gone to sleep but the climate system remains running in case there is an infant or dog in the car. However, he did admit that the entertainment system might still be needed and that a change will be made.

Tesla car temp is automatically kept within a safe range, even when the car appears ‘off,’ in order to protect infants & pets. That said, it would be more convenient to keep the car ‘on’ for entertainment & comfort if the camera detects occupants. We will make that change.

When that change will actually happen, we don’t know. But this wouldn’t be the first time that Musk has ordered changes to Tesla’s software at the behest of someone on Twitter.

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