Tesla Model Y Compact SUV Announced: Features, Specs, Price, Release Date

As expected, Tesla has officially announced that its new Model Y SUV will launch into the market during 2020. The company’s latest electric vehicle will sit alongside the original Roadster, the Model 3, Model S, and Model X as available vehicle options.

Most of the world interested in electric vehicles and the advancement of that technology already knew what was coming but the Model Y was officially unveiled at a dedicated event in Los Angeles, with CEO Elon Musk lifting the covers on the long-range $47,000 Model Y.

This announcement is also part of the company’s longer-term plans to bring affordable and cutting-edge electric vehicles to a wider consumer base on a global scale and follows on from the announcement of the affordable Model 3.

As mentioned, the initial roadmap for Model Y will see the first iteration of the vehicle becoming available in 2020. The vehicle will be priced at $47,000 in the first instance and will capable of delivering 300 miles on a single battery charge. For the speed freaks and performance junkies out there, Model Y will be capable of accelerating from 0-60 miles-per-hour in just 3.5-seconds.

We aren’t exactly sure why anyone needs to go from a standing start to that type of speed in under 4-seconds but if you do, and you want to embrace electric vehicles, then Model Y should definitely be on your radar for next year.

In addition to those benefits – which include affordability for the mass market, performance, and range – Elon Musk has also stated that the Model Y will offer the versatility and all benefits of a proven SUV but with the “ride” of a sports car, meaning it will be “really tight on corners.”

For those who have a little more cash burning a hole in their pocket, Tesla will also be offering a $51,000 all-wheel-drive dual motor version as well as a high-performance version which will set you back $60,000. Both of those models will be available in 2o20. The cheaper, standard-range version, which will be able to go for up to 23-miles before needing charged will follow-on in 2021 and will cost $39,000.

This is Tesla’s second attempt at designing, producing, and marketing a mass-market vehicle which looks to push the electric vehicle agenda. Let’s hope it is adopted at scale and safeguards the future of the business.

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