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Well here’s a stroke of good news, we’re sure you’ll agree. According to TechCrunch the once hugely popular and still much loved Winamp media player and Shoutcast streaming service are to live on, even after AOL announced that it was to die late last year. In fact, both did come to the end of their natural days on December 30th, but it seems they will be resurrected thanks to a deal that sees a Belgian firm take ownership of the pair.

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Winamp was the digital music player that many of us grew up with, and while it’s safe to say that in its basic form it wasn’t the most best looking app ever made, it was certainly part of the reason that MP3s grew into the CD-destroying format that it did.

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If you were around the Internet back in the late 90s or early 2000s then Winamp will no doubt be a name that you’re very familiar with. Once the go-to media player of the early generations of MP3 users, Winamp grew big enough and quickly enough to get the attentions of AOL, who paid a not inconsiderably $80 million for it back in 1999.

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