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Tweetbot 3.1 for iPhone was released earlier this month that introduced a number of new features. The ability to view a list as a timeline, resize text basked on dynamic controls and using swipe gestures to quickly initiate a reply all made an appearance in the first major update of Tweetbot 3. Two weeks later, and after a number of teaser shots doing the rounds on the Internet, version 3.2 is now available in the App Store, bringing with it a number of impressive enhancements that should secure Tweetbot’s place as the must-have Twitter app for iOS for the foreseeable future.

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Tweetbot has certainly built up a strong reputation among Twitter users on Apple products, and with the big Tweetbot 3 release for iPhone and iPod touch just a short while ago, the app’s publishers have already come through with a rather handsome update. Having apparently recooked the UI from the ground up over the previous version, one or two of Tweetbot 2’s most popular features seemed to have been dragged away by the cull, but as the process of continual improvement enters the next stage, Tweetbot 3.1 sees the restoration of some of the app’s most useful quirks.

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After a period of long wait, which almost feels like forever, Tweetbot 3 for iPhone has been finally released on the App Store, and as promised by its dev a while back, has been redesigned from the ground up to cater to the look and feel of iOS 7. More details and as well as direct App Store link can be found right here.

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