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As we have expected for a while now, Apple has officially pushed out new public versions of tvOS and watchOS, meaning that version 9.2.2 of tvOS and version 2.2.2 of watchOS are available to download and interact with right now.

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It’s very rare these days that a company can release a new version of a major platform and not have an inquisitive developer dive two feet in to see what goes on behind the scenes. With every single Apple release, regardless of whether it’s iOS, OS X, tvOS, or watchOS, it seems that someone gets into the nitty gritty of the platform to see if there are any hidden gems. One of the regular offenders, developer Steve Troughton-Smith, has done exactly that once again with Apple’s tvOS 9.0 build and discovered it has built-in support for iOS-like Home screen folders.

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Apple has today made its tvOS 9.0 software for Apple TV 4 available to download for those that want to do a full restore of the device.

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