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Want to bring back and enable Apple’s iconic Slide to Unlock on your iPhone running iOS 10? Here we will show you how to do just that.

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Apple’s announcement of an all-new version of the iPhone and iPad’s operating system, iOS 10, brought with it a fundamental change to how we unlock our iOS devices, and one that comes after years of doing it the same way, day-in, day-out. As any iPhone or iPad user will attest, swiping or sliding to unlock is something that we do without even thinking. It’s second nature, and we don’t even realize we are doing it. Well, not anymore.

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The Apple iPhone is no doubt a beautiful example how an almost-perfect design can help make a product great. The first iPhone in 2007 was a triumph for Sir Jonathan Ives and his team, but perhaps one of those most memorable and iconic parts of the iPhone is the slide to unlock feature on the lock screen which has been made famous by Apple. Before the iPhone was released, mobile phones generally featured some kind of two button combo to lock/unlock the device, but Apple managed to change that, and have since featured the same swipe gesture in their iPod touch device as well as the iPad.

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