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Ever fancied having two SIMs in your iPhone 4, which is of course either factory unlocked or hacked to run any carrier SIM you like? Well apparently, USBFever has come up with a solution which could be very useful if you like hopping around two networks. The Dual SIM Card Adaptor allows you to hook two SIM cards with the help of a clip, which goes around the iPhone 4 and is held tightly together with a transparent back cover case which it ships with.

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One thing which is missing big-time from the iPhone is the ability to copy/save contacts to and from the SIM card. But again as they say: ‘on the iPhone, there is an app for just about anything’. And so finally, there is one to take care of this problem as well for the jailbroken iPhones. In the latest version of Giovanni Chiappini’s SIManager, there is now an option with which we can copy all contacts from iPhone to the SIM card and vice versa.

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