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If you are in the business of designing and developing accessories or cases for Apple hardware, or just a hardcore fan who has keen interest in the engineering behind products and how they are actually put together, then Apple’s trend of releasing blueprints and schematics of their new mobile devices is sure to please. Over the weekend, we were treated to some rather detailed technical drawings of the sixth-generation iPhone and that has been followed up with the blueprints of the fifth-generation iPod touch and the seventh iteration of the iPod nano.

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Now that the official information about the iPhone 5 is out in the wild, designers and producers of accessories and after-market products can begin readying themselves in time for the initial launch. The more enterprising producers would have taken a chance with things like manufacturing cases, relying heavily on the leaked specifications that emerged before the Apple event. However, developers of more advanced accessories and expensive products require all of the inside scoop on the device, and thankfully, Apple has taken it upon themselves to provide it.

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