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Samsung Display has released a video demonstrating a rather idealistic take on the future of tech, and sees its panels delving much deeper into consumer and enterprise markets than currently seen. The clip, which was a part of the company’s analyst day back in November and has since just leaked into the wild, once again outlines Samsung’s admirable ambition, but despite this, could we really envision a world where almost everything on view – from floors to coffee cups – sports some description of integrated Samsung display? It should come as very little surprise that Samsung Display not only believes this to be possible, but sees this as a natural progression in years to come.

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As announced by Samsung back in February, the electronics giant has officially spun off its highly successful display manufacturing business as an entirely new corporation. Samsung Display Co., Ltd, poised to fully commence independent operations on April 3rd brags in its press release that overnight, it has “become” the world’s biggest display manufacturer, with 20,000 employees and five production facilities worldwide.

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