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Google’s purchase of Quickoffice back in June last year raised more than a few eyebrows, but while the search giant has been somewhat busy with other projects over the past twelve or so months, today’s announcement that Quickoffice will be free for both iOS and Android users will be music to ears of those looking to be productive on-the-fly. In a year that has seen Microsoft expand its own Office suite to iOS and Android, the Big G has now offering the Quickoffice service completely free, meaning consumers can actually edit Microsoft Office documents without having to pony up any money.

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If you cast your minds back to the month of June, you may remember the news of Google’s decision to acquire the powerful mobile productivity suite Quickoffice for an undisclosed fee. All told, things have been pretty quiet since then, but today, Google has made Quickoffice for iPad free to Apps for Business customers. In addition, the search giant also stated that free Android and iPhone versions would be coming soon, which although promising, all but wipes out any possibility of Quickoffice hitting the comparatively less-used BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms.

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There’s always some sort of brewing battle in the tech industry, particularly between Apple, Google and Microsoft – the three main players in the mobile game. With Microsoft readying the cross-platform Windows 8 operating system and having recently announced its famous Office suite would make its way to mobile in the coming months, Google has decided to join the party by acquiring Quickoffice.

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