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Seems like round smartwatches are now in trend. After the likes of Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Huawei Watch and the recently announced Samsung Gear S2, it made sense for a company like Pebble to come up with a round-shaped option. Hence introducing the Pebble Time Round – a circular smartwatch that looks more like an actual watch first, and a gadget second.

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Pebble has just taken the wraps off a new smartwatch that looks conspicuously similar to the Apple Watch, in an attempt, one suspects, to reel in potential consumers that may be swayed by the Mac maker’s high-end finishes. After unleashing the Pebble Time only days ago, the Pebble Time Steel is essentially a redressed version, featuring a slick, metallic finish along with a premium-looking leather and steel strap.

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Pebble began as a Kickstarter project that exceeded all expectations, and even though many larger companies have brought forth their own smartwatch efforts, the company has doggedly stuck to its task and remained fairly relevant. Given its Kickstarter roots, it’s fitting that the latest model, which Pebble began counting down to a few days back, should also begin its life on the crowd-funding site, and with a bunch of new features including – finally – a color display, those interested can snap up the wearable early and in doing so, save money on the eventual retail price.

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