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The chances are that if you are an owner of a desktop or notebook computer, powerful smartphone or tablet. then at some point you might have felt the need of accessing work based packages such as word processors, presentation creators and spread sheet applications. Generally speaking, a lot of us have software suites such as Apple’s iWork or Microsoft’s Office but if we require the freedom to work anywhere, from any machine, then it could be possible that we have checked out OnLive Desktop to accomplish this task.

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The guys over at OnLive Inc. have been a busy bunch of individuals, bringing us the iPad launch of their OnLive Desktop application a few days ago, and today releasing the Android version of the software which is now available in the Android Market. A lot of you may hear OnLive and relate it to the ability to stream video games without the need for a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360, and you’d be right. The company are also responsible for that gaming platform but have also extended their cloud services further in recent months.

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If you aren’t familiar with ‘OnLive’, they are predominantly a company who offer a cloud-based gaming experience where the games are stored on remote servers and delivered to users through an internet connection.

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