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The Apple iPhone was seen as a revolutionary product, but also an evolutionary one by the same token since it was introduced off the back of the success of the iPod range. In today’s world concerned with apps and shot-taking abilities, many of us don’t hold our iPhones in as high a regard as a music player, often viewing it as just as standard a feature as making a call or sending a text. But if you’re the kind of person that still takes your audio experience rather seriously, you may interested by the app Audio-3D Player 7.1, which offers a richer, surround sound-like experience.

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I don’t know about you, but for me, the appearance and the look and feel of an app is a huge deciding factor in whether the app in question stays on my device or gets discarded. Be it Android or iOS, the first thing that I look at when browsing for apps is the screenshots, only after which I’d bother to read the description and look up further details. With Android, Google changed a lot of interface elements with Ice Cream Sandwich’s “Holo” theme, introducing a tabbed layout that was both simplistic and attractive. Then, Google Now happened and a card-based UI became the latest and greatest. How good can an app be that combines both these elements with very decent functionality? You’ll find out here, in our review of Now Playing music player for Android.

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