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Microsoft has really sought to change the way consumers go about computing by bringing products like the Surface to market, as part of a wider plan to help the world adjust to its vastly reshuffled Windows 8 interface. To help make the transition to the Windows 8 product line just that little bit easier, the software maker has been continually offering bespoke products and peripherals designed especially for the job, such as the Wedge Touch Mouse and Keyboard announced last year. Today, the Redmond is back with some equally interesting accessories; a new “Sculpt” range of mice sporting their own Windows Start buttons.

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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse has been finally been unveiled to the world. It is one sexy looking mouse by Microsoft with a design very similar to the last-generation Arc Mouse by Microsoft, except that this one has touch-sensitive shell on top, and you can curve and straighten it anyway you like! kinda combination of Magic Mouse + Magic Trackpad !Awesome isn’t it?

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It looks like Microsoft is set to launch a new multitouch capable mouse which will take advantage of touch gestures in Windows 7 to take on its Mac counterpart the Apple Magic Mouse. Microsoft enthusiast Long Zheng of iStartedSomething is reporting on this new upcoming product which according to him could be announced as soon as Tomorrow.

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