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Philips has continued the expansion of its fabulous Hue lighting range by introducing a new product that promises to offer ultimate lighting flexibility to end-users. The newly unveiled Hue Lightstrip Plus immediately manages to make its presence felt within the Hue range by not only being the most flexible light source that Philips offers, but also due to the fact that it is highly extensible and utterly beautiful when used in the right setting.

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Philips has already shown that they are a committed player in the smartphone controlled home automation world with their recent updates to the Hue mobile app for iOS and Android. The introduction of geofencing capabilities, synchronous light changing within scenes and notable improvements to alarm functionality shows that Philips think the Hue product is here to stay. However, if you need something more to be convinced, then the extension of the Philips Hue range with LightStrips and Bloom feature bulbs should do the job nicely.

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