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Jeb Bush may be a front runner as a Republican candidate for the Presidency of the United States – which would effectively make him one of the most powerful and responsible men in the world – but it seems he hasn’t quite gotten to grips with the capabilities of his Apple Watch just yet. It’s been highlighted in the past that Bush is a fan of technology, and in particular Apple products. He’s been an Apple Watch owner for quite some time, and while he has publicly stated that he thinks it can be improved, he has also noted how “cool” he thinks it is. That may be the case, but he apparently didn’t know that he can answer phone calls directly from the Watch.

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Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush has proved that there is indeed time for a little fun and games in this world, even when you’re very much in the spotlight as one of the individuals vying to become the most powerful man in the world. In a new whimsical 46-second campaign video entitled “Jeb’s Silicon Valley Favorites List” Bush, or “Jeb” as he generally prefers to be called, reveals his not so secret love of Apple gadgets along with his preferred Twitter hashtag and even more bizarrely, how he likes to dress.

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