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Rumors in the tech industry serve as a double edged sword. In one place, they build up confusion and raise false hopes thanks to their innate nature, but on the other hand, they are also responsible for generating the hype around a product, developing public interest, keep people on the edge of their seats in anticipation, and, to some extent, give creative ideas to the manufacturers themselves. The Cupertino fruit company has never had a shortage of the rumor mill when it comes to anything that’s released, or about to be. Akin to various other manufacturers, Apple, too, has maintained a solid schedule of releasing one new generation of the iPhone almost every year, and just like with every release, you get a good dose of rumors.

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Even though we aren’t currently in the middle of an Apple product release schedule, history has shown us that it is pretty much impossible to escape the rumor mill that so often surrounds new hardware from the fruit company. Following on from earlier speculation about the potential existence of a new budget iPhone, the latest news coming from Asia is suggesting that Apple is not only planning on announcing the seventh-generation iPhone along with a budget handset, but also a larger 4.8-inch device.

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