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For years, analysts, commentators and general tech fans have discussed the idea of Apple bringing a budget iPhone to the fore, but only this year does it finally appear as though such a device has a real chance of making its long-awaited debut. Talk has been particularly rife over the past three or four weeks, with several leaks of the supposed front and rear panels having surfaced throughout the blogosphere, and taking into consideration the current rumor and speculation, T3 has come up with a particularly beautiful 3D render.

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Not a day goes by right now where we don’t receive a new concept video or image into our inboxes, and most of the time that concept revolves around the iPhone. Be it the rumored iPhone 5S, or the budget and so-called iPhone Lite, concept videos in particular are cropping up more and more often. Throw in those showing what people think next year’s iPhone 6 may look like, and that’s quite a few concept videos hitting our inbox on a weekly basis.

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