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If you’re an avid follower of mobile tech coverage, you’ll have found that Apple’s elusive iPhone 6 continues to command a fairly decent proportion of the blogosphere’s column inches, which isn’t bad going given that we’re still over four months from the purported release. Based on a bunch of info an accompanying leaks, we’ve painted what we believe to be a fairly vivid picture of what Apple is preparing to release in Q3, and a new comparison of an iPhone 6 mock-up against pre-existing iOS devices offers an even better perspective.

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The tech community seemingly cannot get enough of the so-called ‘iPhone 6’ just now, even on the eve of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s long-awaited release. The Apple handset is not touted for release until the fall, but the notion of the device packing a notably larger display seems to grow stronger with each new report. Following on from a recent influx of schematics leaks and other info relating to the iPhone 6’s form factor, a new mock-up of an iPhone case seems to indicate that the display will indeed increase in diameter, while also backing up a few other iPhone 6-related murmurings, including thinner design.

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