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We have already seen iPad being used by Hollywood directors, installed in the cars, being used in restaurants as menu cards, and how some airlines are thinking about adopting it as an inflight entertainment system for its passengers in the skies. And now besides its entertainment and commercial uses, iPad is slowly creeping into military training arena. At the Royal School of Artillery in Wiltshire, UK, iPads are used in classrooms to train soldiers. Early reports indicate that this experiment so far has been successful in accelerating their learning, thanks largely to the natural interactive experience which is said to have been responsible for this.

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By now, you might have come across many different iPad and iPhone mods but none of them can come close to this one! Kazu Terasaki has designed a pair of robotic legs for his iPad and iPhone that enables the two said devices to do some walking! amazing isn’t it? Check out the video after the break to see it for yourself.

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If you loved the idea of having an iPad fitted in your car dashboard, but were too lazy to try out the D.I.Y manual guide, Scosche may have an answer for you. The Scosche iKit accessory for iPad can replace your car stereo with a ball joint mount, 30-pin dock connector and audio input where you can easily install an iPad – both in landscape and portrait orientation.

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