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Here’s how to make invisible iOS home screen folders and app icons to hide all your secret apps. There’s no jailbreak required to make this work.

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A new tweak on Cydia, which, simply put, allows you to add a variety of cool effects to your wallpaper. It works for both the lock screen and home screen, and with plenty of effects to select from, is very thorough in its offering. It costs just 99 cents, and we’ve all the details after the break!

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One feature iOS is surely lacking, at least compared with its main rival Android, is the ability to add and enjoy custom launchers. Having recently switched from Apple’s fair ecosystem to Google’s as my daily driver, it’s the one feature to which I have become most accustomed. But thanks to the jailbreak scene, iOS doesn’t have to be a launcher-free zone, and Instalauncher, a new tweak over at the BigBoss repo, allows you to activator-set a launcher that allows you to quickly access any of your currently installed apps.

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