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You’d struggle to find any group of people more aware of Instagram’s popularity than those stranded on the currently-unsupported Windows Phone platform, and although we’ve heard murmurings that an official version for Microsoft’s fledgling platform could be forthcoming, said users have had to make the best of the scores of third-party apps offering very limited functionality. While the Instagram API has prevented any WP developer from creating an app with direct uploading capabilities, an interesting attempt to circumvent this (using a middleman server) has been devised by the folks at Venetasoft, and having already garnered a sneak peek at what the company’s Instagraph app could offer to Instagram fans, the app is now officially available for download.

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The Windows Phone Store is missing quite a lot of apps just now, and although we’re not all hipsters with a compulsion to take a square photo before filtering and sharing, Instagram has been mentioned ad nauseam as the sort of app Microsoft needs on board if its fledgling ecosystem is to go the distance. As Windows Phone users still continue to wait and hope for an Instagram app, and unofficial offering by the name of Instagraph is best attempt we’ve seen at emulating the experience, allowing for photos to be uploaded to the network right from within the app. It looks promising, and although we had better hold off the celebrations while the approval process runs its course, Windows Phone users could be just a short while away from being able to edit and upload their images straight from their handset.

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