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This past Monday will go down in the history of the Internet forever, since that was the day when the world came to know of the existence of the crucial security flaw in the OpenSSL library – a bug that allowed attackers to exploit any secure system and collect up to 64k of otherwise-considered-secure information from any server employing the vulnerable SSL protocol; a bug that was dubbed Heartbleed. The fix was released, and almost the entire Internet has patched its servers, but did you know that mobile devices could’ve been affected, too? Well, if you own an Android device, Lookout is here to save you!

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If you’re an Internet junkie then the chances are high that you’ve come across the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug that rose to prominence on Monday. A number of extremely popular and frequently visited websites such as Pinterest, NASA, StackOverflow, OKCupid and Airbnb have the OpenSSL cryptographic library embedded into their architecture, and therefore have become immediately susceptible to the bug. Heartbleed was initially discovered by a Google security engineer in conjunction with Codenomicon, but what does it mean for you and your Internet usage?

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