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The Google China fiasco has now taken a new turn. In a recent development as reported by the NYTimes, Google in a secret counter-offensive encounter has managed to hacked the Chinese hackers back by breaking into the source computer in Taiwan which was involved in attacks on the Gmail accounts of human right activists. As a result of this counter attack, Google engineers have found out some evidence which indicates that the attacks were actually originated from mainland China and were possibly orchestrated by the Chinese government.

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Google today has announced the public availability of Goggles which can let you search the web using images, without having to speak or write anything. You can simply take a picture with the camera on your phone, Goggles will then analyze and process your image, and then it will return a relevant search results page from Google. Currently, Goggles identifies landmarks, books, logos, business cards, places, wine bottles and works of art. Support for things like food, plants, cars, animals and suggestions of move in a chess game will added in future releases.

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