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When Apple releases iOS 13 to the public later this year, it will enable iPhones to interact with a wider range of NFC tags. Following a report that Japan had confirmed its national ID cards would support use with iPhones, German authorities have now also said that a number of its own forms of ID will be iPhone-ready.

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It seems that meeting each other in a German court of law has become a regular occurrence for the lawyers representing Apple and the Korean electronics firm, Samsung. With the two companies still locked in disputes against each other over alleged patent infringements, it doesn’t look as if the court appearances are going to end anytime soon. The current patent cases only serves to add to the intensity of the rivalry between the two smartphone vendors as they also compete against each other to become the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer.

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Apple and Samsung have been in the middle of a vigorous legal battle to ban each other’s products for several months, with lawsuits being filed in Europe, Korea, the United States, Australia and more recently Japan. Apple has now managed to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet banned in Germany after a judge ruling.

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