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The gaming world has leant heavily on the console as a primary medium of enjoying the latest and greatest titles, and with the recent emergence of mobile-based action, companies are now trying to bring the mass of quality apps back to the traditional console format. BlueStacks, the company behind the popular Android emulation app for Windows and Mac, recently announced its GamePop console aimed at competing with the likes of the OUYA by allowing players to enjoy Android-based titles on their TV, and to add to that, it looks as though support for iOS games will also be added to the GamePop’s repertoire.

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BlueStacks, the company behind a series of apps allowing consumers to run Android apps on a variety of platforms, is about to stake a claim to the apparently lucrative microconsole gaming market, rivaling products such as the Kickstarter phenomenon that is the OUYA gaming console. Having seen just how quickly BlueStacks Android App Player has become a household name thanks to its ability to facilitate the running of Android titles on OS X, Windows and others, it was perhaps only a matter of time before the company looked to expand, and having seen how much hype the OUYA has generated in its short, crowd-funded life, has come up with an alternative device in the form of the GamePop.

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