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Samsung and Apple are frequently at loggerheads in the courtrooms over numerous patent disputes, but while it has been established that both companies are unafraid to file a lawsuit or two, the two parties don’t always require the means of a court in order to get their respective points across. Often, Samsung will use an ad campaign to take a few not-so-subtle pot-shots at its biggest adversary, and in a plethora of new advertisements, has had yet another dig at the Apple iPad. There are four in total, with one even taking a swipe at the Amazon Kindle, and you can check them out after the break!

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Apple-bashing from Samsung is nothing new, particularly given the ongoing court hearings between the two relating to supposed theft of patented technologies, but in a rare treat, the Korean outfit has taken a swipe at Apple, Microsoft and Amazon in one fell swoop with its latest Galaxy Pro Series Ad. The Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro, which Samsung was heavily pushing at Mobile World last month, offer quite a few features built with the power user in mind, and with the advertising machine in full flow, the company has wasted no time in having a swipe at the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire and Microsoft Surface for their respective shortcomings.

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CES is officially now in top gear and we can say that with supreme confidence now that we’ve had the obligatory onslaught of new tablets. What we perhaps didn’t quite expect though was that so many of those new slate machines would happen to all have the same manufacturer’s logo on the back. Introducing Samsung’s four (4!) new tablets.

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