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Fans of Android who have been patiently waiting for Google to announce some hard details on their next Nexus smartphone could be in for some good news, as the latest speculation is suggesting that we could be seeing some moves from the company during the month of October. The chatter doesn’t extend as far as specifying whether or not Google will treat us to an announcement of the purported device, or go one step ahead and actually launch the product the next month, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

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For those Android lovers out there who were big fans of the original Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone, then be prepared for that joy to come around once again as it looks like Samsung could be close to officially unveil the next-generation Nexus handset. A new set of images have started emerging today that show the model number of the camera used as GT-I9260, a number that we have seen on a number of occasions in the past and that has been repeatedly linked with the new Galaxy Nexus II.

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