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It’s relatively rare that a mobile game comes along and manages to generate as much excitement and pre-release hype that the Family Guy announcement managed last December. Sure, there’s been a string of extremely popular smash hit games that have immediately benefited from going viral and getting tons of downloads and success on the back of that. However, the Family Guy franchise is an existing household name that already boasts an animated TV series, along with a whole heap of official merchandise. Add to that a stunning, extremely fun and visually impressive mobile game that’s now available to download for iOS and Android.

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Back in December, we got word that FOX would be teaming up with TinyCo to develop the very first official mobile game for the long-running series Family Guy. Having been on our screens for so many years, it would seem strange that an animation of Family Guy’s stature hasn’t been handed its very own title before now, but for fans of Seth MacFarlane’s iconic comedy show, the teasing screen captures released on Thursday are sure to whet the appetite.

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Family Guy, despite its longevity, remains one of the most popular shows on television, and the long-running animated series is finally going to be getting an official mobile game. FOX has joined forces with developer TinyCo to bring the Family Guy iOS / Android title, which has not yet been given an official name, to the App Store and Play Store at some point in 2014, so if you’re a fan of the show, it shouldn’t be too long before the first official Family Guy game reaches your iOS or Android device.

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