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If Android is your mobile OS of choice then it’s highly likely that CyanogenMod has been on your radar for quite some time. The aftermarket firmware solution allows users to flash their Android powered devices to introduce features and offerings that aren’t included in official builds of the open-source software.

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The CyanogenMod team is one of the most active and dedicated in the Android community, but today has been dealt something of a blow by the Google Play Store support team after it asked the newly-formed company to remove its CyanogenMod Installer app from the Play Store. The reasoning behind the decision was cited as a “violation of Google Play’s developer terms,” and the Cyanogen team was subsequently told to either remove the app, or it would be removed for them.

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CyanogenMod is undoubtedly the biggest name in custom firmware when it comes to Android these days, and with good reason. With support spanning all the handsets that hackers and enthusiasts are likely to ever want, CyanogenMod is very likely to be available in some shape or form for the device that’s currently sat in your pocket.

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