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Apple’s iOS 7 beta is very much the hot topic right now, with everyone having an opinion on whether Jony Ive’s redesign hits the mark or not. Whether you’re a fan of those colorful icons or not, one thing you must surely agree with is that the new keyboard looks awesome.

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The jailbreak scene is not only invaluable for all those practical tweaks that enhance the functionality of iOS, but also a great wealth of resources to those looking to freshen up the look of their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Color Keyboard, as we first reported on when it was introduced back in 2011, lives up to its name by allowing you to create all kinds of interesting looks to your keys, and a currently free theme by the name of “Dashing” is one of the best CK themes we’ve seen to date.

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Though many iOS users like to dabble with the tweaks and apps available within the Cydia Store, there are many different kinds of jailbreakers.

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