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On a Monday morning, trying to get to work and stuck in seemingly endless traffic, the thought of simply driving through everyone and everything in our way becomes rather appealing, if a little impractical and infinitely dangerous. Luckily, we’ve outlets like the popular game Carmageddon, allowing us to control that pent up anger and road-rage in a safe, digital manner. An enthralling title from the get-go, it has just gone free for Android users over at the Play Store, so if you like the idea of a game that rewards running over pedestrians and moped riders, this one’s certainly for you!

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Carmageddon was hugely popular back in the 1990s, though perhaps due to its controversial nature more than anything else. The automobile combat game spawned many copycats, but Carmageddon still holds a special place in our hearts.

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They say nothing in life is free, but when it comes to promotions for iOS and Android titles, that old cliché is thrown out of the window, for some of the very best apps – Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope and even Angry Birds – have been available for the five-finger discount at some point in time. Now, the popular classic Carmageddon, which is just released on iOS, joins the list of titles to hold a promotional freebie, and you can download your free copy right now over at the iTunes App Store.

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